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AuraPure uses only the highest quality, proven ingredients to support your fitness goals with formulations based on fat free whey isolate protein & super-foods assuring high Bioavailability (BV) and easy digestion.

Biological Value is a measure of the amount of absorbed protein from food your body can use for protein synthesis i.e. lean muscle. 

Whey Isolate tops the list for protein sources with high levels of  absorption and availability.  Many vegetable based proteins (such as Pea) are incomplete proteins that lack one or more essential amino acids. FYI, vegetable sources such as Chia & Soy are complete proteins.

Many protein supplements incorporate low-grade high-fat protein concentrates, low cost BCAA powder, or lower BV vegetable sources to reduce costs. 

As you can see, Whey Protein Isolate is worth it: .1) It contains a higher % of digestible protein. 2.) Is quickly assimilated into your body to support fat loss and lean muscle creation. 3.) It is easy to digest due to extremely low lactose, fat and no gluten. 

AuraPure's goal is to empower women with the knowledge and tools to support your fitness goals.  We do it with products that provide key nutrients without any fillers, stimulants, artificial flavors or sweeteners.