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Getting Started with HerAura


1.) Follow us and add your personal link/code to your Insta Bio (The link goes in the website box). You will receive commission credit for anyone who uses your coupon code.  The customer will receive a 20% discount.

2.) DM us when you add your link and we will send you product samples.

3.) When you receive samples, create an IG in-feed post that includes AuraPure. Make sure to direct followers to your coupon code to fire your affiliate link.

4.) Tag us in the post so we know to send you more products and merchandise. (Feel free to also post to your Stories or other socials to promote your link).


After receiving more merch and products, create another Instagram post or video that mentions a product. Make sure to tag us.  After the second post you become a level 1 Ambassador with access to additional benefits and compensation.

Post Ideas: Work-outs, selfies, fitness selfies, product image, or food/smoothies created with AuraPure. You know what content your followers like so feel free to be creative.


Commissions and tracking are handled through a 3rd party network: LeadDyno. Detailed commission terms are in the HerAura Agreement. Here is a summary:

  • We offer a 10% commission rate.
  • Sales eligible for commission are based these criteria:
    • Order must be received from a customer that initiated purchase through your affiliate link/coupon code as reflected on LeadDyno.
    • You will earn commission for any customer sale that occurs within 30 days from when the customer first visited through your link.
    • Commissions are based on this formula: Total customer $ order amount(minus taxes & shipping) x Commission rate.
  • Payout: Commissions are payed on the 25thof the month following the sale. We pay you via PayPal.
  • You can track your orders and commissions at any time though your personal account page.

Xoxo Welcome to the AuraPure Fam!