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Ultra Clean Protein

Toning + Keto

Superior Ingredients

Feel & See The Difference

What's different?  Supporting your fitness goals with proven premium ingredients while skipping the gluten, artificial flavors, heavy metals and cheap fillers:  Simply highly bio-available isolate protein and organic super-foods that don't need masking with artificials. Perfect around workouts or as part of a low carb Keto plan.  All AuraPure ingredients are Independent Lab Tested for heavy metals like lead & arsenic found in other nutritional supplements.


Light neutral flavors that taste great and mix easily in water, smoothies or your favorite foods

Proven Ingredients

Superior organic ingredients like MacaXtra 4x Maca, White Chia and Omega-3s for Lean Muscle, Natural Energy, Fat Loss & Hair/Skin/Nails


Non-GMO, Gluten and Lactose Free. Zero Artificials, Growth Hormones or Added Sugar. Independant Lab Tested

Ultra Clean Protein™

Recent Reviews

The only protein I've found that's keto friendly, lab tested, low calorie, and artificial free. I recommend it to my clients to help get lean and build muscle tone with workouts.  Plus, the Toning Blend has Maca & Omega-3's for energy and healthy hair. It like it in yogurt & coffee 

Toning Blend has effective organic ingredients and a light flavor that's not heavy or gritty. The ingredients are either protein or organic 'super-foods.' No stevia, artificial flavors or other stuff to make you gag.  I like it with water or smoothies.

I use TB after working out. It's helped me lose fat around my waist and gain muscle.  My results are faster than before using another protein. Probably because of the lower carb/calorie count.  Just reordered.

This is the best quality protein I've found to help get more defined. Its light and easy to drink unlike most protein powders.  Main things for me are its pure fat-free isolate protein, Omega 3's and gluten free. Also, a good quantity for the price.

Really good for smoothies. It mixes easily and doesn't mess with the flavor at all. Has a very light nutty flavor from the maca that's easy to drink. Repeat order.